See how we developed throughout the years and what are our future plans
Started development of FoodHub concept with sustainable energy supply options like Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Ocean Thermal.
Incorporation of Livingstone-Netherlands and start of cooperation with Switzerland. Design for sustainable urban city Curacao with FoodHub, FoodHub for Macedonia, Sun Port Solar farm NL.
Development of integrated Livingstone Smart Food Business Solution including GrowLab and FoodHub combined with algae farms, fish farms, R&D Lab, blockchain-enabled Track & Trace IT system.
2017 Q1
Established Livingstone Ventures in Georgia, Prepared Business Plan and Marketing Plan. Secured support from the Georgian government and co-financing. Signed agreement with authorities of the Port of Rotterdam.
2017 Q2
Signed off-take agreements for production of blueberry in Georgia using GrowLab. Found local business partners. Bank loans requested.
2017 Q3-Q4
Work on development of phyto-medicine production project in Switzerland. Real estate Option Agreement signed. Drawings 3 Ha greenhouses designed, request for permissions filled. Signed cooperation agreement with Nuesch development.
2018 Q1
Incorporated Livingstone Ventures in Skopje (Macedonia). MoU signed for 50 ha plus 11 ha existing Greenhouse. 71 ha under negotiation. Both next to airport.
2018 Q2
Agreed on strategic partnership with renowned Swiss phyto-pharma company. Draft MoU under negotiation.
2018 Q3
Joint Venture contract signed with A3 Technology (Netherlands) for the development of advanced growing and harvesting technology (IGGS).
2018 1st July
Release of Livingstone’s ITO White Paper. Start of private sale.
Planned Milestones
ITO launched in Q4 (LIIVIT – Profit Sharing Token)
Building first projects: Switzerland, Georgia, Macedonia, Uzbekistan. Development of IGGS system in the Netherlands.
2019 Q1
Launch of Livingstone’s Hort-eTrade Platform with Track & Trace and blockchain functionalities. Issuance of new type of token for Hort-eTrade platform (Utility token).
IGGS system launch, first customer tests. Issuance of new type of token for crops prefinancing (non-fungible asset token).
Implementation of new project in other countries. Issuance of project participation security tokens.