With an average investment cost of
€3.5 million, a GrowLab can produce nearly 5 million plantlets per year.

The GrowLab is a laboratory for plant propagation that uses advanced Tissue Culture plant reproduction technology in a closed, climate-controlled and sterile environment. The technology includes a specifically designed growing room to produce large volumes of high yield disease-free plantlets, adapted to local conditions.

Our approach to plantlet production is based on the use of modular movable GrowLabs (mini-greenhouses) combined with semi-closed biodegradable packaging. The mini-greenhouse provides the perfect growing in which crops are grown in multi-layers under LED lights. This system uses a minimum of water and fertilisers and no pest control is needed.

We employ Tissue Culture plant propagation techniques which use just a few cells from the best mother plants to replicate identical new plants. This is the most successful micro-propagation method. Also, to be 100% clear, plants propagated with Tissue Culture technique are NOT Genetically Modified Organisms (GMSs).

A GrowLab can produce nearly 5 million plantlets per year, based on very conservative assumptions—thereby offering 30-50% lower costs compared to other methods of plant propagation—and much smarter energy consumption.