Our FoodHubs are high-tech industrial greenhouses which deliver year-round safe and nutritious food. They are food propagation powerhouses which guarantee optimal high-yield production in all climate zones.

This is achieved through the alignment of various devices and software systems which can be adapted to crop choice and market conditions.

The FoodHub systems control and optimize all of the factors which influence plant growth—temperature, humidity, CO2, sunlight, water, etc., and protect crops from adverse elements such as wind, cold, drought, rain, diseases and pests. Other activities such as food processing, logistics and management also take place within the FoodHub.

We utilise the proprietary Independent Greenhouse Growth System (IGGS), which draws on Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), whereby crops receive all of their vital nutrients through oxygenated and nutrient-rich water. This hydroponic technology fertilizes plants in a very precise way, which carries water, oxygen and nutrients through each plants’ unique biodegradable capillary substrate. Use of this technology has a minimal water, chemical and energy footprint.

To learn more about our FoodHubs and the IGGS please refer to our White Paper.