Growing Together
Be part of Livingstone’s movement towards sustainable high-tech horticulture to feed the world in the future. How would you like to get involved?

For Impact Investors

Are you an impact investor looking to make a smart investment in sustainable agriculture? Livingstone has put in place a secure and transparent ITO deal structure which protects Livingstone’s token holders at every stage of the company’s development and during each project’s lifetime.

For Governments

By 2050, the global population is expected to reach 10 billion. World food production will need to double if everyone is to be fed. However, the production of horticultural crops not only promotes ecological sustainability, it also contributes to local economic development and increases regional self-reliance and food security. Does your government need to be thinking about food security?

For Growers and Producers

Livingstone believes that we need to create extremely efficient high-tech “food growing factories” located in peri-urban areas, which will produce healthy and affordable food in a decentralised and ecologically sustainable manner. Could you benefit from such a system?

For Citizens and Consumers

Are you frustrated by our current food system, whereby your fruit and vegetables are shipped around the world, eating up resources and destroying our planet? Add your voice to our movement by following and supporting us through social media.