The first step for any Livingstone project is a land assessment and feasibility study. The feasibility study assesses the site for horticulture production and availability of sustainable energy.

Livingstone believe good planning is essential to achieve a responsible assessment of a project, hence the procedures to start a project are always preceded by a land assessment and a pre-feasibility study, covering the following topics:

  • (Optional) Market research
  • Establishing a business plan including investment/operating budgets
  • Preliminary engineering
  • Final design and specifications
  • Tendering procedures of the project
  • Finance
  • Management training
  • Construction supervision and EPC
  • Delivery
  • Monitoring of the process and operations

Upon the completion of a successful assessment, an agreement can be drawn up for the procurement and construction of the entire project including monitoring and budgets. Livingstone has an extensive network of trusted partners and suppliers, and is committed to support the growth of the local workforce.