About the Looming Food Crisis
Blog   |   Ilona Kaiserova • 12 SEP 2018
Lately, everybody is talking about the growing population and the looming food crisis – as if we already didn’t have it with 1.3 billion tons of food wasted annually and yet almost 40% of the existing world population living in hunger - but never mind.
Convenient packaging behind increased spinach consumption
Blog   |   Stef Schreuder • 12 SEP 2018
An accelerated pace of life drives an ongoing trend towards convenience combined with a growing demand for healthy options. This growing demand for convenience has had a positive effect on the fast food service industry as more consumers lack the time to prepare meals at home.
Robotics in Horticulture
Blog   |   Stef Schreuder • 10 SEP 2018
Since finding the labor as well as managing labor cost itself is becoming increasingly challenging in horticulture, developing robotics capable of harvesting could solve this issue, particularly when combined with a production of high value crops.