Who we are
Livingstone Greentec AG (“Livingstone”) is a socially responsible Swiss-based provider of high-tech integrated food production systems. The core management team consists of seasoned experts in the fields of biology, ecology, engineering, management and finance.

Additional support is provided by the horticulture specialists of the worldвЂs top agricultural think tank, Wageningen University and Research, as well as by experienced professionals in blockchain, IoT and other software systems. We have also built strategic alliances with business partners who offer in-depth industry experience and cutting-edge technologies.
Our Vision
To improve the quality of peoples' lives by growing safe and healthy food. To nourish our population and protect our planet, while delivering prosperity to farmers and local communities.
Our Mission
To provide sustainable food production to enable farmers to grow food locally through the application of state of the art horticulture technology coupled with knowledge sharing and education.
Our team
Meindert Don
Founder, CEO & Board Member
Stef Schreuder
Founder, Chairman of the Board, Chief of Horticulture
Murat Jumadillayev
Board Member and Head of Business Development
Ilona Kaiserova
Head of Ecosystem Development
Robert Neeleman
Head of Investor Relations
Denis Bednyagin
Head of IT and Innovation
Luz Sajoux
Project and Office Manager
Our advisors
Livingstone Greentec White Paper
The thinking behind the Smart Food Business Solution began in 2012. The group of Dutch horticultural experts and engineers defined a pilot project containing elements that are now part of Livingstone`s Smart Food Business Solution. The initial concept was fine-tuned over time.